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412 Studio’s Featured Artist – John Wiegand

Carla Waters
Artwork by John Wiegand at 412 Studios in Etna, PA
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412 Studio’s Featured Artist – John Wiegand

John Wigand’s artwork is unlike anyone’s I’ve seen before. His stylistic approach using such radiant colors has an immediate way of catching your attention. Growing up in Fox Chapel, John is a Pittsburgh local with a big influence on the community. 

Taking you back to the beginning, his artistic creativity sparked in high school when he entered a drawing competition and won second place. After seeing that other people could see his creative ability, he realized his talent could eventually become more than a hobby. He pursued his artistic desires through college while attending Edinboro University, studying graphic design. Heading out into the workforce after college, he worked as a security guard. During this time he would carry his art supplies to work and find time to draw new pieces.

In 2012, he created a website and began to sell his artwork online. In January 2019, he found 412 Studios through a friend who recommended the facility because of its affordability and useful space for artists. When I asked John what he enjoys most about working at our Etna location, he stated: “I’ve met a lot of people, and I like to visit other studios in the building to be around other creative artists.” 

 As I continued to wonder where his unique style came from, John described how his love of vibrant colors led him into drawing landscapes. From there, he began to broaden his skill set by incorporating animals, and then people, into his work. He went on to state that he “loves learning new phases of art.” A few of his biggest inspirations include Michelangelo, Raphael, The Sistine Chapel, and Salvador Dali (for his imagination and color schemes). 

A typical workday for John includes going to the studio as he would any regular office by taking time to plan, draw, study techniques, and visit other artists to get ideas.

His favorite piece he created is “Celebration” (pictured below). He was inspired to draw this piece after his mother passed away. The night before her funeral, he saw a double rainbow. He drew flowers that are dancing and also drew himself in the background, celebrating the life of his mother. 

John follows trends through analyzing his website and seeing what kind of art his customers are buying. Whether its blankets, towels, pillows, phone cases, etc., his art can be purchased in many forms. Check out his website to contact him and to view more of his wonderful pieces! 

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