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A Look Inside Bethany Lyn Photography

Carla Waters
Bethany Lyn Photography
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 Bethany Lyn Photography studio located at 412 Studios in Etna, PA

Bethany’s photography studio is a quaint and simple yet stunning display of her work. After meeting her at the 412 Studios Holiday Open House, I knew she had a story to tell. Her background in arts and interest in photography led her into opening her own business called Bethany Lyn Photography.

Starting at an early age, her interest in photography was always there. As a little kid, she found herself exploring photography every time her family would go on vacation. Bethany explained how she was “always the one who wanted the camera” and loved to capture the memories she was making with her family. 

Raised in Western, NY, she went on to study arts in college and graduated with a bachelor’s in fine arts and minor in art history. She often used photography to capture her other works of art but didn’t realize her passion would strike at a later time. 

In 2015, Bethany moved to Pittsburgh and began working with a local non-profit. She worked as a digital marketer, and from there started to take photos of volunteers and their work for various projects. This is when she realized she was doing something she loved and how she could use her talent to give back to other people. 

In 2017, she began renting an art studio at 412 Studios to have more space in pursing her different artforms. Always exploring the way things looked, her photos inspired her other pieces of art that included printmaking and painting. She has only recently focused solely on photography and by following her heart, Bethany started her business in August 2019. 

It was easy to notice from the photographs in her studio that Bethany enjoys capturing portraits of people and sharing their stories. Her art reflects the ease of communication between her and her client from the beautiful creation of each image. Bethany goes on to clarify how “photography brings her such joy in telling their journey in a beautiful way to capture someone’s legacy.” Her inspirations reside in nature, reading, and her desire to continuously learn and get better in her craft. 

After realizing that many of her portraits displayed were in black and white, she says to me, “I think the contrast is so stunning, something classic and timeless about images in black and white. When you can reduce the information that your brain is taking in from the colors, it becomes more striking.” After hearing this from Bethany, I could see why her black and white photos were so endearing. 

Photography is much more than the photoshoot and post-shoot production. She began describing her production process, and how it all begins with building a relationship with her client. It all starts with a phone call and detailed conversation to get a feel of what her client is looking for. From there she can evaluate if it’s the right fit for them, and then proceeds with a pre-shoot consultation. This is a way for Bethany to understand their style and how she is going to style/set up the photoshoot. On the day of the shoot, she likes to include hair and makeup to reflect fashion trends and help create her visions by making the portraits come to life.   

During this entire process, a typical workday for Bethany requires hours behind a desk, researching, editing her work, and sharing work with her clients. She is self-taught in editing photos and has worked with other photographers to learn different techniques. 

You can find more information by visiting her websiteInstagram, or Facebook pageFor those wanting to expand their businesses, visit our Pittsburgh art studio options available to rent! 

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