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For many of us, taking a trip to a greenhouse brings a sense of calm and relaxation that is hard to match. Many plants not only clean the air naturally, but also aid in concentration and reduce stress levels. Luckily, with a little help and research, you can create that same greenhouse feel in your home. Below are the top houseplants that are easy to care for while also adding additional benefits to your home. 

Snake Plant

indoor snake plant

Commonly known as one of the most tolerant plants, the snake plant is very straightforward with its needs. Snake plants can be neglected for weeks and still hold their shape. They can also survive low light levels, droughts, and have very few insect problems. Research shows that these plants remove formaldehyde and benzene from the air. To keep this plant happy, simply place them in direct sunlight and water once the soil slightly dries on the surface. 

Spider Plant

The appropriately named spider plant has long thin leaves sprouting from its interior similar to spiders on a web. Colors range from green to white, and often sprout tiny white flowers. This plant suffers from very few problems, however, it can occasionally show brown tips with improper care. Provide these plants with well-drained soil and bright-indirect light and they will be sure to flourish. Check the soil as to not overwater or the plant will become soggy. 

Succulents and Cactus Plants

succulents and cactus plants

Although succulents and cacti are different species, both plants fall within the same family and thrive in different habitats. Most cacti are truly designed for the desert, while others reside naturally in the grasslands of South America. 

Succulents on the other hand simply refer to and plant with fleshy parts such as leaves, stems, or roots. These plants live all over the world and can survive in all different types of environments. 

Generally speaking, both plants only require small amounts of water and can live with minimal attention. However, in order for these plants to thrive, its recommended they be watered at least once a week. Be sure to give the soil a good soaking so that the water runs out of the bottom drainage of the pot. Once the weather cools, plants enter a “rest” period where its best to allow the potting soil to dry between watering.


Bamboo, also known as “lucky bamboo” has been a vastly popular plant in Chinese culture for hundreds of years and has only skyrocketed in the U.S within the past 15 years. You can have as many or as little stalks together as you like, however, it’s rumored to be bad luck to have 4 stocks at a time in your home according to ancient Chinese tradition. This plant thrives in bright lights, and only needs rotated every few weeks to allow each side to get adequate exposure. In terms of water, we recommend changing the water every few months. 

Cast Iron Plant                                                                                        

One of the most common house plants, the cast iron plant is nearly indestructible. This plant is contained in almost any environment and adds lush green tones to any room.  The only simple mistakes you can make is to over water, or place in direct sunlight. For best results, place in a shaded area. We recommend placing it away from windows or near north-facing areas of the home where light can pour in. For soil, the cast iron plant thrives in sandy or clay soils and enjoys a compost base if planted outside. These plants are drought-tolerant but do need water from time to time. Check every so often that the soil is moist and not dried out.


Chinese Evergreen                                                                                

While some people may have difficulty growing plants indoors, the Chinese evergreen can even make beginners look like experts. This tropical plant is known for being durable, yet also aesthetically pleasing. They tolerated poor lighting, drought, as well as dry air in the winter. However, for best results, place them in well-drained soil, with medium to low light conditions. Use well-draining potting soil, and make sure it is placed in an area that has warm temperatures.

Pothos Plant

pothos plant

Pothos are tropical forest plants with vine-like branches and heart-shaped leaves. For those who have trouble keeping plants alive, this is your best friend. They help purify the air, while also thriving in low light and humidity. These plants can withstand neglect for long periods of time making it the perfect plant for people who often forget to water plants or travel for work. One important factor when choosing this plant, however, is if you have any animals in your home. This plant is known to be toxic to cats and can damage the tissue in their mouth, throat, or stomach. 

So, grab some gardening gloves and potting soil and built an amazing plant sanctuary inside your home. For more articles on house plants, check out a former article here, on how to care for house plants in the winter. 

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