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Business Records Storage

Holli Fisher
storing business records
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Are you a company that keeps too many files in your office? Do you want to go digital but still need to keep hard copies as a backup? Gain more space and keep your records protected by storing your sensitive documents at STORExpress.

Here are 5 reasons why you should store your documents at STORExpress:

It’s economical. Self-storage is a cheaper option. At other offsite document storage facilities, you have to pay for every amenity: moving into the facility, labor, gas, retrieval, monthly administration fees, box destruction, and permanent withdrawal. Even digitizing document records can cost tens of thousands of dollars a year, not to mention the cost of labor. Save money by storing your documents at STORExpress! Take advantage of our free truck and gas for move-in, shelving and labels, indexing system, and record storage consultation. You can even skip the retrieval fees that other companies charge and access your documents free of charge 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Confidentiality. Safeguard your documents in self-storage. Only you handle your documents when you rent with STORExpress. Keep your documents under lock and key in a storage unit where they will be under 24-hour video surveillance. Our record storage system makes it so only you or trusted associates know what is in each box.

Organization. Use the free of charge record storage consultation service to tailor your unit to fit your needs. Keep your documents organized by adding shelves and labels to your storage unit. The STORExpress Indexing System allows you to easily locate and manage your files by compiling those boxes into an easy to use spreadsheet.

Location. Store your documents at any one of our locations around the Pittsburgh Area.  If you’re looking to keep your documents off-site but close by, we have a location that will work for you!

Added Amenities. We give our business storage customers added amenities by allowing them access to conference room space, fax and copy machines, free utilities and Wi-Fi, unlimited truck use for move-ins to your unit and drive-in and drive-up buildings.

Looking for document storage? Schedule your free consultation at one of our locations! For more information, call 412-449-0123 or visit our website.

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