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Calculating storage unit size based on truck load

Holli Fisher
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So, you have your moving truck packed and your headed to your local storage facility to unload it into your brand new storage unit. You have a couple of key pieces of information, but you still can’t figure out what size storage unit you need.

a) You know the size of the truck but you have no idea what size storage unit you need. Or,

b) Your moving company tells you that you have a 7,000 pound truck load but when you go to reserve your storage unit online your options are 5’x5′, 10’x10′, 10’x20′, etc.

Say what? Now, this is a quite a math equation.

If you are loading up a moving truck to bring items into storage but you don’t know what sized storage unit you need, you’re in the right place.  The folks at STORExpress Self Storage in Pittsburgh, PA put together this chart to help you figure out the best size for you.

Compliments of the folks at STORExpress Self Storage in Pittsburgh, PA

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