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Christmas Storage


We’re all excited for the holidays and look forward to the beautiful decorations each year. For those who have set up decorations, you know that taking them down isn’t always a walk in the park. Follow these key organizational steps to pack up your décor after the New Year and make it easier for next! 


1. Storing your Christmas ornaments

There are a million types of ornament organizers out there, so you have many options when choosing which one will function the best for your ornaments. You can use a plastic bin, cardboard box, or even ornament bags for storage. Whichever one(s) you purchase, make sure the storage container includes dividers so your ornaments are secured safely for the following year. Be extra cautious for items that are made out of glass or porcelain. You might want to consider wrapping these types of ornaments with bubble wrap or newspaper to ensure they don’t get damaged once they are packed away.

2. Storing your Christmas lights

We all know how easily lights can get tangled and knotted once they are put away. To avoid this, take your lights down slowly while wrapping them around an empty wrapping paper roll. If this isn’t large enough for the number of lights you have, find a larger piece of cardboard to wrap the lights around. Check to see if all the bulbs are still functionally working so you aren’t wasting time saving lights for the next holiday season. 

3. Storing your Christmas tree

If your Christmas tree is new or you still have the box it came in, keep it! For those that have already thrown it away, you can still get another box to store it in. If you can’t find a box large enough you can use a storage bag instead. Disassemble the tree into smaller pieces to make this process easier. Don’t put away the tree without a box as it will get dusty and the pine needles could get bent and out-of-shape!

4. Storing the remaining Christmas décor

Use separate storage containers for items like your wreaths or garland pieces. Artificial pine needles usually end up falling off and you don’t want to get these pieces mixed in with your other decorations. For those that have outside blow-up displays for the yard, keep the boxes they came in to avoid getting debris on inside décor. No matter how boxes you end up storing, use tape to secure each and label the decorations you have for a smooth set-up process next time. 

If you need extra space for your decorations, consider renting a cheap storage unit after the holidays. Storage is convenient for seasonal items so they are out of your way during the off-season but are still easy to locate when needed. For those that are moving during the holidays or don’t have a garage, attic, or basement for storage, renting a unit will give you peace of mind knowing that your belongings are safe. Many of us have memorable items that have been passed on for many years from family and friends and would be devasted to lose or break items that hold such value. You can even rent locker units that are smaller than traditional storage units so you aren’t spending money on storage space you don’t necessarily need. This is a great option for those who get a real Christmas tree every year and only need storage for smaller décor. To have a little more fun while packing up, have a get-together with your friends and family to help you stay organized!

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