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Decluttering Tips for Your Home

Elke Peeters
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Clutter in your home can not only cause added mental stress, but also hold dust, dirt, and unwelcome critters into your home. By taking a few simple steps, you can prevent your home from accumulating unnecessary items that eventually result in piles of clutter. Below are our top tips and tricks to clean current clutter in your home while also prevent it in the future.


Keep, donate, trash

Next, go through your clutter one room at a time and decide what you would like to keep, donate, or trash. One rule to keep in mind is to think of the last time that you used or needed it. If you cannot remember the last time you used it, or have not used it in the past 6 months, you will be better off either throwing it away or donating it. 

Uncover the truth 

One of the most important steps in decluttering is discovering why you have clutter in your home. Are you unable to part with items from your past? Are physical items bringing you comfort? Unveiling the reason for holding onto items that you truly have no use for will help you overcome allowing a cluttered home in the future.

Design a layout

Now that you have organized your items that you would like to keep, you will need to design a layout for those items. Place similar items together, or group by purpose or use. This will help you mentally prepare for how you would like them organized. Grab a piece of paper and design a layout for how you would like the items to be organized, Whether using filing cabinets, bookshelves, or plastic storage containers, whichever design works best for your space and needs should be utilized. This step will eliminate time wasted as you can erase or create a new design on paper, rather than having to physically move items around. 

Purchase the right items

Now that you have a design laid out, its time to take a trip to your local hardware or container store to purchase the right materials. For larger items, consider purchasing large, clear stackable storage containers. For smaller items, consider purchasing a shelf with cubbies, or pull out drawers that you can easily organize with clear drawer organizers. 


Consider an alternative for seasonal items

If you have some seasonal or sentimental value items, consider renting a storage unit to keep your items in a safe and secure place until they are needed. Self-storage facilities are often located close to home and may even provide a free truck for your move in to help you safely transfer your items. 


Maintaining a clutter-free home

To maintain your fresh space, design a cleaning schedule that works for you. Monthly cleaning of high-traffic areas will save you time down the room as clutter will not be able to form. Be mindful when shopping, or acquiring new items to either donate or discard right away to keep the items from entering your home in the first place. 


In the end, a clutter-free home can ease tension, reduce stress, and improve your overall quality of life. Having a space for all your items with improve functionality with everyday tasks and help you and your family move seamlessly throughout the home. 

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