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Don’t Spend Your Vacation On The Side Of The Road

Holli Fisher
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It’s time to get ready for the open road, the big sky and the endless line of blacktop that brings you the next horizon. You’ve got your destination, your route, your packing list, but what about your vehicle? Even if your car or truck or RV has been in our storage, it still needs to be checked.

car check list 1 Checking your vehicle before a road trip (“pre-tripping”) can save you huge hassles and bills on the road.


Here’s a handy list to use when Pre-Tripping your vehicle.

  • Check Your Fluids Levels. Top off any that are low or take them in for a change the week prior to leaving.
  • Check The Condition of Your Wiper Blades. It’s recommended replace your blades every 6 months but absolutely replace them if they are cracked or torn.
  • Check Your Tire Pressure & Their Condition. Look for cracks or punctures and check the depth of the tread.

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  • Check Your Spare Tire. No, we aren’t talking about your belly. It’s the all-important backup tire that normally is in the trunk.
  • Check Your Headlights, Turn Signals, Brake Lights, & Reverse Lights. At the very least this can keep you from a ticket.
  • Make Sure You Have A Roadside Emergency Kit. Roadside emergency kits can be a real lifesaver. It should include road flares, jumper cables, a first aid kit, flashlight, tire inflater, gloves, an emergency blanket or poncho, and tools to change your tire. You can buy one of these pre-packed for $25-$50.
  • Check Tour Air Conditioning. If you let the air conditioner run for and it doesn’t feel as cold as you remember, recharge your coolant or have it inspected.



Taking the time to check your vehicle (especially if it’s been at rest all winter) can save you from disaster on your trip and help keep everyone happy…at least as happy as can be expected.

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