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Eco-Friendly Storage Solutions

Eco-friendly living
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Selecting clean and reusable material for your home may help in living a healthier and more sustainable way of life. While some families simply choose to cut back on plastic material, others strive to live as eco-friendly as possible to reduce waste. There are many ways to choose environmentally friendly options for everyday activities. Below are some solutions that you can choose when it comes to storage.


Start in the Home

Start by making small choices in your home that can make an impact. Declutter and donate or recycle unused goods. Replace plastic cans and bottles with reusable glass jars. Take inventory of paper products such as paper towels and replacing them with microfiber cleaning cloths. For lighting, purchase LED light bulbs and replace light fixtures to both reduce costs and your carbon footprint. 

reusable containers for household items


Choose Stable Containers

For long-term storage, choose stable and green storage containers. High-quality cardboard boxes will last a long time and are made out of recycled materials. Be on the lookout for recycled fiberboard boxes that are 100% recyclable and last for years at a time. Overall, seek materials that are labeled as renewable, reclaimed, or recyclable. 

Consider Plastic Ties 

Although it rarely discussed, plastic tape can be harmful to the environment and wild animals. Consider other options such as plastic ties for securing items to be held in storage. Options include secure cords, rods, and hoses. Check local retailers for ties that are reusable and sturdy enough for multiple uses. However, it is understandable that there are some instances when the tape is the only viable option. Limiting your use of items such as these can still make an impact.

Choose Recycled Packing Materials

For fragile items, consider purchasing recycled or biodegradable peanuts. While the newspaper may seem like a good solution, the fine paper will not hold up and be stable enough for long-term storage. Rent moving tools such as carts, dollies, and straps instead of purchasing your own. If you are using a storage facility to store your items, ask to see if these moving tools are available to use! 


Reuse Pallets 

Wooden pallets are easy to find is that they are typically thrown out after slight wear or tear. These are both recyclable and reusable and work well for stacking items off of the ground. Ask your storage facility, or other local businesses if they have any pallets that they no longer need. 


Overall, limiting your consumption of single-use material can still make an impact on not only your well-being but also the overall environment. While some changes are more difficult than others, new habits can form making for a seamless decision-making process. 

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