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Finding the perfect home for you and your dog!

Carla Waters
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Finding the perfect home for you and your dog!

Dogs have a special place in our hearts. One day, you’re thinking about possibly getting one, and before you know it, you could never imagine your life without them. Pets quickly become a part of the family, which is why we end up considering where we want to live to make sure they are happy too. Whether you are renting or buying, it’s important to understand what to look for to create the perfect home for you and your furry friend.


 Here a few tips to consider -


1)     Leasing rules

Whether you are renting/buying a home, apartment, or townhouse, it’s important to figure out if pets are allowed. This is a factor you will want to know before putting a deposit down and signing the lease. Most of the time, the landlord or rental company will post this on the listing. If it isn’t posted, make sure to contact them before following through with the home. Apartments, townhomes, or condos will often have a one-time non-refundable pet deposit at the time of move-in and will also charge a monthly pet fee. If you don’t want to have to worry about monthly costs, consider renting a home without these policies. Avoid moving into a place with a pet policy and then choosing not to pay your dues because there can be expensive costs for infringements.


2)     Large space

Depending on your dog(s) size, this might not apply to you. For smaller dogs, finding a large indoor space isn’t going to be a top priority since they don’t necessarily take up a lot of room. On the other hand, if your dog is a large breed (40lbs +), it’s a good idea to find a home that allows them to have space for a larger crate, bedding, and room to play with their toys inside. A big enough play area will come in handy during extreme weather conditions since you won’t want your dog in the rain and hot/cold temperatures.


3)     Yard or park nearby

No matter the size of your dog, having space for them to enjoy the outside is crucial. Most dogs have the desire to be outside more often than in, especially during mild weather. It’s even better to find a home with a fenced-in yard that will ensure your dog’s safety from running into the road or chasing another animal or person across the street! If you’re moving to an apartment or townhome that doesn’t include a private backyard, check to see if there is a park nearby so your dog can still get the outside playtime they need! If neither of option is available, consider finding another home to make sure your pup is happy and healthy in your new space.


4)   Sidewalks

Sidewalks will be extremely helpful if you want to stroll around the neighborhood with your pup. Since most of us have busy schedules and full-time jobs, walking your dog before and after work is critical to ensure they are getting the exercise they need. Finding a home with a sidewalk will make this easier and safer for both of you!


5)     Hardwood floors

Finding a home with hardwood floors will keep your house so. much. cleaner. Unless you have a hypoallergenic pup your dog will shed, some of course more than others. Having carpet will make it more difficult to clean your floors and be able to visibly see those hard to reach places where hair might get trapped (like under the bed or couch). If your dog is a puppy and going through potty training, having wood or tile floors will also be a major benefit for cleaning up accidents! This is also something to think about if you’re getting a dog in the near future. Some dogs even like to chew on carpet…which could end up costing you a good amount to replace!


6)     Doggy daycare

There’s a general rule that your pup should be let outside to use the bathroom every couple of hours. We all know our furry friends are just like humans, so it’s not fair to expect them to hold it all day long! Between family, work, appointments, trips, and everything else life throws at us, taking your dog out every few hours can be nearly impossible.  This is why it’s beneficial to locating a doggy daycare near you that can be utilized during these busy times. Having a care facility in proximity to your home will be a major relief during these instances. Plus, your pup will most likely love playing with other dogs without having to sit at home alone!


7)     Close to vet

It will save you time and money having a local veterinary office close to your new home. Even though most of us don’t go to the vet frequently, a short ride comes in handy when getting supplies, monthly preventive medicine, and annual shots for your pup. Being close to the vet could also save your dog’s life if an emergency was to arise. This will give you peace of mind when trying to find the perfect home for you and your pup.  


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