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Beginners Guide to Renting a Storage Unit

Carla Waters
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Do you need a storage unit? Are you unaware of the renting process? This guide will tell you everything you need to consider when renting for the first time!

1) What is your budget?

Budgets will often vary depending on the town/city you are storing in and the size of the unit. Doing a little research on the average amount for a unit will allow you to figure out what your price range is and what unit size falls in that category. Below are common unit sizes and prices that you will typically find:

5 x 5 - $40-$90 per month

5 x 10 - $60-$100 per month

10 x 10 - $100-$150 per month

10 x 20 - $150-$220 per month

Prices change depending on the time of the year, current offers, current unit availability, and the units features. After reviewing prices online, contact a property manager to discuss your budget in further detail!

Visit the link to view STORExpress rates online:

3) What items are you storing?

Whether it's household items, clothes, wine, vehicles, etc., you must take into consideration the temperatures in which these items can be stored. Many household items will not be affected (with fading or deterioration) since they aren’t perishable or are made out of temperature-sensitive materials. Meanwhile, other household belongings will need to be stored in climate-controlled spaces to remain in their original condition. If you are looking for wine or vehicle storage, a climate-controlled space should be used. As you can see, figuring out every item that will be stored is important to this process!

4) How much space do you need?

Common unit measurements are listed in number 1, but since you aren’t familiar with storage units, picking out the right size could be challenging. The following examples will give you a better idea. For dorm room move-outs and student storage, 5 x 5 units are usually enough space for someone to store for summer, holiday breaks, or in between rental leases. For those who are moving out of a room with large furniture, a 5 x 10 or 10 x 10 unit would be needed (depending on the size of your furniture). These units are good for those who will be storing items like a couch, chair, table, bookshelf, desk, washer, dryer, refrigerator, or a bed/mattress. A 10 x 20 unit is helpful when moving out of your house, so you can fit 3 to 4 rooms worth of items in your unit.

Visit the link to view a detailed size guide: 

5) How long do you need to rent a unit?

Some renters need a storage unit for years, while others might only need a unit for a month. Take this into consideration when picking out which facility you want to rent with and again, what your budget is. If you are storing for a year, the convenience of getting to the unit might be your most important factor when deciding. If you’re only storing for a short time, finding the best price on a unit could be your deciding factor. 

6) How will you get my belongings to your unit?

When choosing a facility, make sure to find a unit near you and or has a convenient location. Picking a storage facility near your new apartment, house, or college will save travel time when unpacking while driving between the facility and your destination. We know it's not always an option to get help from family or friends when figuring out how to move your belongings, but no worries! If your vehicle doesn’t have enough space for your belongings, contact the storage facility for truck rental options. At STORExpress, we provide a free truck at move-in to make your move as easy as possible!

Visit the link to see which STORExpress location is near you:

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