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Essential Packing Materials

man taping a box for moving
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1. Boxes
You might need a large number of boxes for your move. Depending on the size of your home and the number of belongings you own, the moving supplies you have to buy might vary. Try to use boxes that are in good condition so your belongings are secure during your move. Moving boxes come in an assortment of sizes and shapes so be sure to plan out how many you will need in advance.  It's also a great idea to get plastic covers for the boxes to seal them in order to protect your belongings from the outside elements.

2. Wrapping Paper
Use white newsprint to wrap items that can easily get stained or soiled. The ink from a printed newspaper rubs off easily and can ruin your belongings.
Old newspapers are good for filling “dead space” in your boxes. Bubble wrap is also great to have for items that are fragile can't be washed off.

3. Permanent Markers
Mark each box with information such as its contents and/or which room the box belongs in. Be sure to label breakables as “fragile” on all four sides.

4. Sealing Tape
Use sturdy tape that is at least 1.5 inches wide. Be sure to tape all boxes closed and reinforce the bottoms for peace of mind. Taping all boxes will also keep your items safer since they can't be as easily opened.

5. Scissors
You will need a sturdy pair of scissors to assist you in the packing and unpacking process. You can also keep a utility knife safely in your back pocket to open boxes quickly. Be careful not to cut any items that might be laying on the top of your boxes.

STORExpress Self Storage has all of the moving and packing supplies you will need for your next move at a low price!  You can even get your money back for the supplies that you don’t use by returning them to one of our stores.

To find a Pittsburgh store near you, call our corporate office at 412-449-0123 or visit us on the web: 

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