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Re-purposing: The History of Our Warren OH Facility

Jess Casto
Crest Lanes bowling alley that is now STORExpress Warren
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In the summer of 1959, Crest Lanes could be found at 3630 Youngstown Rd. Warren Ohio. It was a brand new bowling alley and the neon lights on the sign drew all the locals on Friday night. As with everything, time marches on and starts to reshape how the present looks and Warren started to fall on harder times. The Bowling alley started to lose the public's interest and in 2014 Crest Lanes closed its doors for the last time as a bowling alley.  The neon sign was taken down and slowly Crest Lanes began to only fill people's minds as a memory of a good time. However, it would seem this building wasn't ready to give up just yet.

In February of 2018, STORExpress purchased the building that used to be Crest Lanes and shortly after started to breathe new life into the building. This isn't a fluke or a Cinderella story, this was purposeful. Re-purposing old buildings is what STORExpress does. We are the self-storage version of Rehab Addict by Nicole Curtis. The building looks remarkably the same inside, the entrances have stayed the same, the old ticket both window remains where hundreds of people over the years paid for a moment of fun and laughter, even the structural level of the floor remains untouched where the bowling ball return was originally laid underneath the bowling lanes. 

There are several changes however that have taken place within the building since the transition to Self-Storage. Inside the massive 30,000 sq. ft. building is a multitude of storage units, from 5x5’s to 10x30’s, even parking spots for indoor car, boat, and RV storage. The building is heated inside, so moving in the winter won’t seem so terrible anymore, just drive the truck into the building and unload in the warmth, away from the snow and rain! 

With all of these unique features, like indoor car storage and drive in buildings, one would believe that STORExpress focuses solely on the experience of renting a storage locker, but ultimately what STORExpress cares about is its customers and what they care about enough to store in the safety of our storage facility. The contents of this building isn’t the 3 metal walls and a door that makes up our units, to STORExpress the contents of this building are the memories that are made with every item that is stored here, wither that is an antique dresser or a backyard patio set stored for the winter, we understand the importance of every item stored within these historic walls.

If you are in the Warren Ohio area, STORExpress would love to help you secure your belongings. We currently serve the neighborhoods of Warren (44484) (44485) (44482), Niles (44484), Bolindale (44484), Howland Center (44484), Giard (44446), Champion Heights (44483), Wihelm Corner (44483), Youngstown (44502), Lordstown (44481), and North Jackson (44481).

We hope to help you find the perfect Self-storage unit soon!  If you would like to know more about the history of our Warren Oh. location or would like directions on how to get to the facility you can reach our office at 330-790-5625.


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