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How to Rent a Moving Truck

Carla Waters
family unloading their moving truck at STORExpress Murrysville
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When it comes to moving, having a moving truck is usually a must. For one person with limited belongings, moving without one may be possible, but could require countless trips to and from your destinations. For those that haven’t rented a moving truck before, you may have some questions when it comes to the renting process. How expensive is it to rent a moving truck? Can I rent a truck for free? How big of a truck do I need? Do I need insurance? How long can I rent the truck? These are all questions we will clarify below to make the renting process quick and easy! Depending on your moving situation, the truck rental process will look a little differently, but we’re here to tell you the basic steps to take when it comes to renting a truck through a storage provider. 


Step 1) Bring license & insurance

If you know you are going to need a moving truck to transport your belongings, it’s best to bring your license and proof of insurance to the facility when you meet with the property manager. You must be 21 years old to rent the truck, so for those who are renting student storage, consider asking your parent to help you with the process. 

family unloading their belongings from STORExpress moving truck 


Step 2) Figure out how much you can fit

The property manager will show you the truck if available or give you details on its dimensions so you can get an understanding of what you will be able to fit inside. You may have to adjust your schedule accordingly if you will need to make two trips back and forth from the facility. Once you have a better understanding, the property manager will be able to schedule an available time slot for you to reserve. 

Step 3) Day of use

Make sure you have moving pads, moving straps, and a dolly to properly pack your belongings into the truck. Moving your furniture and other fragile items can be damaged if they aren’t secured safely with these moving equipment necessities. Some companies will provide this moving equipment with the use of their truck, but if not, plan accordingly to refrain from having any items broken or shattered during transportation. 

 family moving their boxes into storage unit with carts and storage bins

If you’re located near one of our STORExpress Self-Storage properties, renting our free truck is a simple and convenient process. Our truck rental is available during business hours. We provide gas for your move and the proper moving equipment you will need. Packing supplies are also available at every location in the front lobby. Our drive-in and drive-up access at our facilities will help save you time with unloading along with the free use of our moving carts and bins. 

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