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How to Store Hats

Elke Peeters
Stacked Colorful Straw Hats
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Hats can not only serve as a fashion statement, but also keep your head and ears warm, block harmful sun rays from skin, and protect sensitive eyes. When packing your closet to prepare for storage, you may be left questioning what to do with your hats. Each hat has its own unique style, material, and shape which is why it is best to learn the proper steps to take when packing them away. By utilizing these important measures, you will be able to preserve your hat’s shape for years to come. 

Brush and spot clean 

Before you begin to pack your hats, you need to make sure they are spot cleaned and brushed to remove dust, dander, and stains. Use a clean, soft bristled brush for felt hats and gently brush all surfaces of your hat. For cotton or winter hats, follow the instructions on the label and either place in the hand wash cycle of your washing machine or spot clean with a mild cleanser and a damp cloth.  

Purchase the right material

You will want to purchase acid-free tissue paper when storing items made of fabric. When it comes to storage containers for baseball hats, barets, and beanies, you will want to look for clear plastic containers to be able to see inside. Also for an added benefit, purchase Styrofoam and hat boxes to preserve shape. Lastly, consider all-natural cedar chips or rings to place in containers and boxes which are a chemical-free alternative to mothballs. 

Storing Types of Hats

Baseball hats

Baseball hats are made of durable material and hold their shape for a long time. If you would like to place them in storage for the summer, place them inside one another in a stack and gently lay them horizontally in a plastic container. Do not place anything heavy on top of the hats as they will flatten. Also, be sure to allow for enough room within the container for the lid to properly close and leave room for the hats to breathe.

If you are simply seeking to place your hats out of the way but would like them displayed, consider purchasing removable wall hooks and hanging them in your bedroom or closet. 


Beanies may be some of the easiest hats to store as they are easily washed, and lay flat. Gently lay each beanie one on top of each other. Once you have a pile of 5 or more, take out a freezer-sized plastic Ziploc bag and place the hats inside the bag. This will keep insects and moisture at bay throughout the warmer weather. 


Another simple type of hat for storage are berets. These are sturdy and can be easily laid flat inside of a plastic bin. However, as with the baseball hats, be sure to allow for enough room so that the hats are not compressed and flattened. 

Wool and felt hats

Although these make a fashion statement, when storing these hats in the warmer months, you need to be cautious to preserve the shape and fabric. Purchase acid-free tissue paper and stuff them inside of each hat with the tissue paper to hold their shape. Better yet, for more expensive hats, use Styrofoam and carefully cut it into the shape of the hat and place inside. Purchase a hat box and place one hat per box. You can even use tissue paper to place around the hat so that it does not shift during travel. 

Following the steps above will allow you to preserve and wear your hats for years to come. Remember to keep each container away from moisture, and in a dry, cool environment. Label all your boxes and you will be able to easily find each hat for your next occasion.

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