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Garage Organizer Ideas

Elke Peeters
Garage Organization
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Spring is here and it's time to de-winterize your home. The best place to start is in the garage where clutter typically lives. Most importantly, if you currently keep your car outside, this allows you to make room to store it indoors and out to the sun's harmful rays. To keep belongings in the best condition, and to save space, we compiled a few top ideas to organize everything from bikes to storage boxes. 

1) Hang Everything You Can

Consider browsing online retailers such as amazon and purchasing some easy to hang hooks. Next, take inventory of small odds and ends that can be hung up. Bikes, large bags, or even small tools can be sorted and hung up for quick access when needed. Once all material is off the ground, you will then be able to give your garage a good sweep. Just be sure to keep all doors and windows open! 

2) Stack Bins 

One of the most simple ways to utilize space in your garage is to purchase a shelving unit for storage bins. Open each bin and donate or throw away any items that are no longer needed. Next, organize bins by placing together similar seasonal decor, or by sport. The shelving unit can be put together in a few hours and provides easy access to each bin. For the best results, purchase clear bins or categorize color bins together. Utilize the sides of each shelf as a place for hanging accessory items such as fishing rods or lightweight equipment. 

garage organizational shelves

3) Utilize The Ceiling 

Most garages are built with extra ceiling height that can be used in a multitude of ways for storage. Purchase a wired ceiling rack that can be screwed into your ceiling which adds shelving for storage containers to sit in. A more cost-effective solution would be to purchase some wood, and make bin “rails”. This method allows you to slide the bins into the rails and have the essentially hanging. 

4) Cabinet Space 

For those who have pets or small children, consider purchasing a lockable cabinet for flammable or toxic products. We recommend storing insect repellant, paint, paint remover, and lawn care treatment in a safe place. For any old paint, contact your local waste removal company and inquire about safe methods to dispose of. 

4) Upgrade to Epoxy Flooring 

Now that all items have their home and the floor is cleared, it's time to consider upgrading the concrete flooring. An anti-skid floor coating will resist oil stains and easily wipes clean. The color chips and paint will cover any former imperfections and stains, leaving you with a truly clean surface. Check out your local hardware store or Amazon for an Epoxy Kit which costs roughly $60. 

concrete epoxy flooring in a garage

Although cleaning out your garage can feel like a daunting and overwhelming task, proper organization can save you time and resources for years to come. Now that you have some ideas for organizing your garage, visit some of our former blogs such as Top Items You Should Never Store in Your Garage or Take Back Your Garage!

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