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Is Your House Haunted?

Holli Fisher
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A 2013 survey from The Harris Poll, 42% of Americans believe in ghosts. Are you apart of that 42%? According to SpareFoot, “when a survey came out that same year asking folks whether they would purchase a haunted house, respondents were almost equally split between yes (32%), no (35%) and maybe (33%).”

What would you do if you bought or rented a haunted house? Would you try to make friends with the spirit, get rid of it or move out? Whatever you do, don’t break out the Ouija board, tarot cards or do a DIY séance. All three of these things can only make matters worse, especially when you have no idea what you’re doing. The best thing to do is call a professional. If you suspect paranormal activity in your home, check out Ghost Stop to find professionals in your area.

If you happen to move into your new place and find out that you have an unwanted guest that doesn’t want to leave then you should move. Experts say that moving out is the best thing to do especially if you’re being affected mentally, physically and emotionally. “If your landlord refuses to let you move out, and it’s affecting your wellbeing, I would move, and then challenge that in court,” says Cindy Hagley of the Hagley Group.

Unfortunately, if you purchase a property and it ends up being haunted it’ll be hard to take any legal action. According to Roy Condrey, an owner of haunted property “[the laws say] that if the buyer asks the seller and the seller knows, they should tell the truth, but no legal action can be held against them if they don’t. So most people are going to hold onto that information.” The best thing to do before purchasing a house would be to go to to see if there were any deaths in the home. Even if you don’t care about someone dying in a home you’re interested, you can always use the information to get a discounted sale price.

If spirits and ghosts are scaring you out of your home and you need to move, check us out!   

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