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Storage Locks

Holli Fisher
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Selecting a lock for your unit is almost as important as picking the unit itself. For those renting a storage unit at STORExpress, we sell safe and secure disc locks at every location! If you are shopping around for a lock, there are a variety of them out on the market. Here’s a list of some of your options.

disc lock for storage unit

Keyless Locks

Keyless locks (as the name suggests) do not have a key, but instead us a number code or dial combination. These are the ones most of us are familiar with from lockers in school.
The Pro: It’s convenient. You will never worry about who has a key, where the key is, or if the key breaks off in the lock.
The Con: A thief could guess your code. They could either listen to the tumblers in the lock, but it doesn’t have to be that skilled. They could just find significant dates on social media and try them until something works.
You could forget your code. There by standing idly by as you pay a locksmith to cut a lock you paid for.
Finally, these locks, by design, are easy to cut with bolt cutters or hack saws. This can be done quickly and leave little to no evidence.


Padlocks, also known as Cylinder Locks, have pins in a cylinder that are moved by a key. These types of locks are usually used for luggage and outdoor sheds.

The Pros: There’s no combination to remember so you won’t find yourself standing there dumbfounded trying to remember when Star Trek premiered (09-08-66).

The Cons: These locks can be opened a variety of ways, a shim, a drill, a hammer, the list goes on and on. Also, they can be easily picked by burglars. You don’t even need an expensive lock-pick kit as there are make-your-own guides online. These are actually the locks that government agents start training with. It’s the easiest lock to pick or just re-keyed without even removing the lock.

Bluetooth Locks

Of course with everything being integrated to our phones, there are even Bluetooth Padlocks available.
The Pros: These are connected to your smartphone through an app that you use to unlock it. Inside its weather poof exterior is a lithium-ion battery and a USB port used for connecting your phone to the lock. You can choose to have your lock open from a tap on your phone, a four-digit code, or a fingerprint. According to one manufacturer, LockSmart, they have the highest Bluetooth security standard with 128-bit advanced encryption. That’s a very high level of encryption and you will never have to remember a key.

The Cons: Security comes at a price. These range from $50.00 to $100.00. That’s a lot for a lock, but worth it for certain people. Another serious drawback is while you may never have to remember a key; you will need your phone! This means if ever you lose your phone; then your lock is one more thing to be corrected to your new phone.

bluetooth lock

Disc Locks

The Pros: These are your best option for a storage lock. They are made specifically for storage units. Disc locks by design, cannot be cut disc lockswith bolt cutters. The hasp (the U-shaped part of a lock) cannot be reached. Another benefit to a disc lock is that they cannot be broken apart by a hammer…which is very effective on both keyless locks and padlocks. It is also very hard to pick. This lock actually needs to be grinded off, a time consuming and very noisy approach to breaking and entering.

The Cons: Really, the only drawback is that it does require a key. Otherwise, you can rest assured that this lock will help keep things safe.


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