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Carla Waters
moving box
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So you rented a storage unit already, now you just need to move your items into it! It may seem like you don’t know where to start, but these steps will guide you through the process. Whether you’re moving out of your apartment, house, or dorm room, these are the moving supplies you will need!

Lock – Get a lock for your unit! At the time you acquire a new storage unit, make sure it is protected with a lock before even moving in. This will make sure the unit is secured upon your arrival and your belongings are safe once they are stored.

Boxes – Make sure you have enough boxes for every room(s). This depends on how many rooms you will be packing up, but be sure to get at least 5 small, medium, and large boxes for every room. For each bedroom, 2 wardrobe boxes will come in handy for packing up clothes in your closets. For any hanging wall décor, picture boxes will be needed.

Mattress Bag – Have at least 1 mattress bag per bedroom to safely transport your bed without any damage! These bags will allow you to maintain the cleanliness of your mattresses during your move. You should also wrap any chairs or sofas you have with plastic covers to prevent scuffs, scratches, or dirt from getting on your furniture.

Bubble Wrap – This is crucial for fragile items! Things like dishes, pictures, glass items, etc., can be at risk of breaking when you’re moving. Get at least 2 to 3 rolls of bubble wrap (depending on their size) for items like these in your home.

Packing Paper – Newspapers can also be used to pack fragile items. Wrap your fragile items with packing paper to avoid any chips or dents in your belongings. For kitchen items, getting about 50 sheets of paper will be a good start. 

Tape – 1 to 2 rolls of tape should do the trick. Having extra tape never hurts to make sure all of your boxes are kept closed during the entire moving process!

Labels – Getting a pack of at least 5 different colored markers is a huge help when labeling boxes for each room. Categorize a room with a certain color, and make sure you label on both sides of the box to save time while unpacking.

Remember, all of these items can be bought in every STORExpress location to make your moving process as easy as possible!

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