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Moving to East Pittsburgh?

Carla Waters
city view of east pittsburgh
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East Pittsburgh has a lot to offer to newcomers. Being so close to the downtown, the area is filled with endless activities. Summer is the perfect time to get settled in and explore what this city has to offer. For those who are new to the area, here is a list of what to do when moving in, and how to make it fun!

New Comers to the East Pittsburgh Area:

Step 1) Start by making sure your new place is clean and ready to be lived in. It’s always better to do this before unloading all your boxes, that way your stored items won't get in the way while your unpacking. Make sure to get cleaning products for the floors, kitchen appliances, counters, bathrooms, windows/mirrors, and light fixtures. If you don't have these supplies already, you can find a department or grocery store near you. Surrounding towns including Homestead, Edgewood, Forest Hills, Monroeville, Penn Hills, and East Liberty all have great shopping options for household items. After this task, you'll be ready to start unloading your moving truck!

Step 2) Find a new public storage unit! Since you have most likely left your previous unit behind, finding a new unit early on in your move will relieve stress in the entire process. This step might not be necessary for everyone but is especially important for those who downsized their living space or don't have storage in their new home. Instead of unpacking all of your items, sort out the belongings you don’t necessarily use. These can include things that have been passed down, holiday decorations, old furniture, or tools you just don’t have space for. Finding a place to store these items will allow your new home to be clutter-free, without having to throw away any items that are expensive or have memorabilia. Our STORExpress Forest Hills and Turtle Creek locations are convenient facilities to rent a unit near you.

Step 3) Now....unpacking.....easier said than done, right? The best way to get started on moving into your new house, apartment, or townhome is to take it one room at a time. Pick a room and complete it before starting the next to avoid getting overwhelmed. 

Step 4) Take breaks!! It’s important to take a break while organizing to make sure you aren’t getting frustrated! Explore shopping centers like The Waterfront located in Munhall or Bakery Square in East Liberty for dining, shopping, and other entertaining activities! For a more relaxed environment, visit Regent Square located in Swissvale for local eateries, coffee, and boutiques! 

After a week or so of unpacking, we hope you are can start to enjoy your new city. There are many neighborhoods, boroughs, and townships in East Pittsburgh, each with their own unique activities for you to discover!

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