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Our Guide to Decorating Your Backyard

Elke Peeters
Backyard Plants
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Now that the weather is finally taking a turn, it's time to make the most of your outdoor space. Whether you have a large backyard, or just a simple deck or patio, adding some simple and inexpensive touches can add a warmer and more inviting feel to your space. Check out our list below to create your very own outdoor oasis.

1. Build a deck or patio

Not only does a deck or patio add to the value of your home, but it also gives you extra entertaining space for guests. Consider hiring a reputable local construction company for building a wooden deck, or for a low cost option, visit your local home improvement store for information on stones to build out your own patio space. 

2. Lay a colorful rug

Bring the coziness of your living room outdoors with a fun rug. Made with water-resistant materials, outdoor rugs are easy to clean and functional for under a outdoor seating area, or dining table. Choose a fun pattern to brighten up the space and give the aesthetics of your favorite vacation spot. 

3. Create a stone path 

Have a pool or shed? Create an adorable pathway using natural stone from your home to other elements in your yard for added flare. Line the path with flowers, trees, or shrubbery for additional landscapes. You can even purchase solar-powered lights to light the walkway at nighttime. 

4. Add a place to relax

Find cute ways to arrange seating such as building a wooden tree-bench, or hanging a hammock. Larger trees can be perfect for natural shade. Purchase some inexpensive wood and build the bench into the tree. Next, paint the bench your favorite color for an extra “pop”. For types of hammocks, you can look for fabric, or go for a more original look with a white rope one. 

5. Build a trellis 

Add a little charm to your yard with a trellis. Trellises come in all shapes and sizes. You can utilize a trellis against a fence, or create a grand entrance to your garden with a dome-shaped one. Plant rose bushes on both sides and watch as it grows. 

6. Sit in style with a pergola 

Pergolas can be placed anywhere in your yard, and even on top of your deck if it draws in too much sunlight. For extra flair, add in long drapes that allow you to control where sunlight shines in. Add in some seating with a coffee table and you have the perfect outdoor area for hours of entertainment.  

7. Invest in a water feature

Few things are more relaxing than hearing the soothing sound of water. You can choose from endless options such as a classic waterfall style fountain, or something more whimsical. Place the fountain within some pretty flower beds, or near a common seating area. 

8. Add some ambiance with lighting

Who doesn’t love late summer nights sitting outside listening to the crickets? Make the moment even more magical by hanging some outdoor string lights, lanterns, or lighting candles. If you are going for more of a beach vibe, consider purchasing tiki torches and setting them up around the patio area. You can even go Eco-friendly with solar-powered lighting.  

9. Warm-up with a cozy fire pit 

 Tell ghost stories and favorite family memories around a crackling fire with a fire pit. Either purchase a standing fire pit from a store or make your own by digging a shallow hole in the ground and framing it with large bricks. 

10. Set up an outdoor movie theater

Now that drive-in movie theaters are an attraction from the past, consider creating one in the comfort of your own backyard. Purchase a projector and some cozy blankets and chairs and get ready for a new experience. 

11. Grill in an outdoor kitchen

For those who love to grill, enjoy cooking with a fresh breeze in an outdoor kitchen. You can choose additional upgrades such as a sink, built-in grill, or even a pizza oven. For shade, the kitchen can be built inside a wooden pergola.

12. Add a bar cart 

Nothing says summer better than a fresh margarita! Add a classic bar cart to your outdoor space for family and friends to enjoy. Start with your favorite alcohol, then add in a shaker, an ice pale, and some of your favorite glasses. 

With summer right around the corner, now is the time to start on these simple yet beneficial outdoor upgrades. Add personal touches and bright colors to make a space truly feel special. 

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