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Moving to Pittsburgh? Here are Seven Key Packing Tips!

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We at STORExpress are so excited to share some great information with you on storing, moving, packing, staging your home to sell and everything in between.

For our first blog, we want to share some helpful packing tips:


Begin packing belongings that are not used frequently

These items can usually be found in the basement, attic, garage, and extra closets. It's easier to box up items that you know you won't be needed in the immediate future. Start with items that are seasonal and you aren't currently using. This could also include items that are in your spare bedrooms or office space. 

Reinforce the bottoms of your boxes with extra packing tape

There's nothing worse than moving a box to your storage unit, truck rental, or new house and having all of your items fall out. This can easily be avoided with the proper moving supplies and packing methods. 

Pack on a room-by-room basis

Label each box with its coordinating room so that you or your movers know just where to place the box in your new home. Use a marker and label the boxes on all sides so it's obvious which room your belongings are going in. This will save you a lot of time once you start unpacking so you don't have to locate where certain items are in your new home. 

Wrap fragile objects 

Wrap all items including your dishes, lamps, and pictures. Use things you already own like towels, sheets, or curtains to save money. This saves time and room since you are essentially packing two items at once.

Don’t forget to mark fragile boxes 

Movers don't know what memorabilia you have or which moving boxes contain breakable items. Make you write "fragile" on all sides of your boxes that contain breakables. 

Remove dresser drawers 

When you are moving larger and heavy items such as your dresser, remove the drawers so that the furniture is lighter and easier to move. You can also save space by packing unbreakables in the drawers. 

Place small and heavy items in small boxes 

Heavy objects will be easier to move and lift if they are compacted into small boxes. When you take a large moving box and pack it with heavy items, the moving process becomes more difficult because you need more than one person to move these boxes. Examples of these items may include books, canned goods, dumbbells, paperweights, etc. 

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