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reclaimed wood

Using reclaimed materials is a great way to make your remodel distinct, environmentally friendly, and even save a little money. Here are some tips for how to use those reclaimed finds.
A wall of salvaged lumber, artfully pieced together, can really stand out in any room. Used boards and beams are great for adding instant character. They can be used as flooring or mantels on fire places or even wainscoting or false beams. You can even put together a whole wall of reclaimed wood or just surround a mounted TV.


Reclaimed Wood Desk

Reclaimed tile and brick are great because they cost a fraction of new. The time-worn quality reclaimed brick are great for patios or walkways or to add an earthiness to a fireplace.

Sometimes it’s that small touch that pulls everything together. Reclaimed fixtures can be used to accent a table or office desk. Wire (such as barbed wire or even just old copper wire) can be cleaned and make a great winding accent on coffee table legs. Just be sure to dull the sharp edges and be very careful while reclaiming and attaching these. Gears and pipes are another great find to add a unique, industrial feel to your furniture.

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Now Here’s A Gallery to Inspire You

reclaimed wood dresserreclaimed wood dresser1

Reclaimed Wall 1Reclaimed Shoe ShelfReclaimed Toilet Roll 1Reclaimed Coffee Table1Reclaimed ChairReclaimed Wall Art

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