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Renting a Storage Unit Online

Carla Waters
woman renting a storage unit online
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Renting a self storage unit has never been easier! Whether you're on your cellphone, laptop, computer, or tablet, you can easily find the perfect storage space for you without ever leaving your house! With STORExpress, you can choose your location, browse all storage solutions, and rent your unit online within minutes.

Step 1) Find a Self Storage Facility in Your Area

Research storage facilities in your town/city to get to an idea of what is close to you. For those renting a storage unit for their move, finding a facility close to your new home will make access to the unit more convenient. If you will be frequently accessing your storage solution throughout the year, consider which location will be most suitable for you. Depending on your situation, it can also be a good idea to rent a unit that's on the way to your workplace so you can easily stop by when needed. If you're looking for a seasonal or year-round vehicle (RV, motorcycle, boat, or car) solution, see which facility is located off a major exit or highway to easily get to your favorite weekend getaways.

Step 2) Determine What You Will Be Storing

Your items will depend on what type of storage solution is best for you. Do you need a climate controlled unit? Do you need an indoor vehicle parking spot? Based on your belongings, you can really narrow down which facilities have the storage option you are looking for. 

Step 3) Review the Size Guide

If you are unsure about what size unit to rent, most storage facilities have size guides or storage calculators to guide you in the right direction. 

Step 4) Check Out Features & Amenities 

Do you need a climate controlled unit? Does the storage facility have drive-up or drive-in access? What features are you looking for in a storage facility? When you're browsing the website, take into account which features you care about the most vs. what the facility has to offer. If you are unsure about what features or amenities will best suit your needs, contact the property manager to get an expert opinion. 

Step 5) Start the Online Rental Process

Once you find a storage unit, choose the rent now or reserve now option to begin the online rental process. You can quickly fill out your information and sign the lease agreement too! Some facilities may not offer a rent online option, but at STORExpress, you can complete the online application right on your couch (or wherever you are). This way, you don't have to show up to the storage facility until you're ready to move in!

flat lay of online rental options

Step 6) Enroll in Automatic payments (optional)

For those that don't want to worry about paying their bill every month, you can choose to create an online account and enroll in autopay! With autopay, you won't have to worry about missing any payments or receiving a late fee! This step can be done anytime after renting a unit. 

Step 7) Move-In

Once you have received your confirmation from your online rental you are almost ready to move in! A representative or the property manager at the facility will give you a call to explain your next steps and answer any questions you may have. Be sure to ask about the free storage truck rental some storage facilities include when you rent a unit!

storage facility property manager at STORExpress

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