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Self Storage Automation

Holli Fisher
automated self storage at STORExpress - New Kensington
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“When you think of a boomerang, what probably comes to mind is the weapon or toy with aboriginal origins from Australia that comes back to you after you release it into the air.  Well, it is that same concept on which the Boomerang Automated Locker Retrieval system is built. Thanks to the Boomerang system, the STORExpress facility in New Kensington, PA, stands out from other locations as the first fully-automated storage facility.”

-Rhonda Paschal, Mini Storage Messenger, January 2009 

Located near Pittsburgh, PA, on 196 Coxcomb Hill Road, STORExpress Self Storage - New Kensington offers the latest in state-of-the-art self-storage amenities with its automated drive-up building.  As the first of its kind, the automated robotic system delivers customers’ self-storage units to them at ground-level drive-up access.

More simply put, customers can:
  1. Pull up to the facility.
  2. Enter his or her personalized access code.
  3. Pull up to the building as the storage unit is being retrieved.
  4. Easily load or unload belongings.

This building, also known as the “Boomerang Building,” extends the safest, most secure and convenient storage available.  All units have drive-up, ground-level accessibility as well as impenetrable security.  In addition to convenience and easy access, there are no elevators or hallways to deal with.

The “Boomerang Building,” (as it is lovingly known as by all STORExpress employees) was built by Boomerang Systems, a company which specializes in thrill rides and automated parking. Learn more about how automated storage works by checking out our video on YouTube!

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