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Spring Cleaning is a great time to change your surroundings and plan re-decorating projects. If you’re moving furniture to clean, why not play with the room’s layout?
We all accumulate that dreaded word ‘STUFF’ throughout the year. Holidays. Seasonal Sports & Hobbies. Fads. All these are great fun but also can become cumbersome burdens. Chairs can pile up and clutter a great room. While you don’t need them every day, they make more sense for that Dinner Party then having your boss’s wife sit on inflatable furniture.
Closets are another hot-bed of clutter. It’s a terrible trap that wastes space, time, and money buying again and again small items that just get lost in the shuffle.
Clear an area of the room and just pull that closet inside out. Lay everything out like you’re packing a suitcase. Then decide what you use regularly, what going to the curb, and what you don’t use but can’t live without, these are called Occasionals.
These Occasionals are anything you just can’t part with because they are incredibly useful but only at certain times, like that cot for when extra guests stay over at New Years.
These can also be items you love and don’t necessarily use. They can have an emotional attachment, or they took trouble to collect or make, or just items you can’t help but love. Maybe that extensive collection of boots or high-heels? Maybe the Scrap Booking Nook needs to make way for the kids’ playset? Seasonal Sports equipment is another common clutterer that’s perfect for storage.
Separate these items, it’s best to put them in a separate room to keep from ‘just-putting-it-back’ and allow you to see the room in a fresh new way.
After sorting a room, look at your Occasionals section. Decide again when you would use them, if it’s once a month or less, Self-Storage is a wonderful alternative to living in clutter or having to spend money needlessly replacing items.

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