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STRANGE STORAGE – Sam Addams & Paul Revere Buried My Newspaper…AGAIN!

Holli Fisher
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Time Capsules. We all know what they are. Take items that identify the times, seal them up, usually bury them, and then forget them. Many have been there at the start (when it’s buried) but not many people have been there when they were opened.

One of the oldest Time Capsules in American history was opened in 2014. The capsule was laid into the ground by Paul Revere and then Massachusetts Governor, Samuel Adams. That’s right! The guy on the beer you’re drinking laid a time capsule in the Massachusetts State House in Boston, MA.

It was laid on July 4, 1795 and, with exception of a brief opening in 1855, sat for 219 years until December 2014, when it was re-discovered by a worker assigned to fix a water leak.

The capsule was opened in January 2015 at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston as a crowd of press and history fans gathered.

Inside they found a treasure trove of coins including a 3-cent coin, a dime, a half-cent, a half-dollar coin, and one-shilling piece from 1652. There was also a medal depicting George Washington and a silver plaque commemorating the erection of the same State House.

Miraculously, a great deal of paper had survived the years underground. The title page from the first volume of the Massachusetts Colony Record was found along with a Saturday Morning Edition of the Boston Traveler newspaper.

Think about what’s in your storage unit. What would people say about it if it were sealed for 219 years?

If that happened to this guy, they would say ‘Wow, he really loved 80’s horror movies.’


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