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STRANGE STORAGE: Smokey & The Storage Unit

Holli Fisher
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Burt Reynolds hard at work.

Burt Reynolds hard at work.

Storage Units are used by people from all walks of life for a world of different reasons. Unfortunately, sometimes these people may have their belongings auctioned by the storage company. Sometimes, even iconic celebrities forget their storage units and they get auctioned off.


This was the case when Burt Reynolds, The Bandit, forfeited (or forgot) his storage unit which was then auctioned off. What was found when the lock was cut was a treasure trove of Hollywood Memorabilia. Items ran the gambit from a bill of sale for a horse named Trigger owned by Roy Rogers, the canoe from 1972’s Deliverance and a horse carriage reportedly built by Dolly Parton. Also included in the unit was a chair made out of hockey sticks from the film Mystery, Alaska, a Smokey & The Bandit toy car, and several letters and photos from friends and co-stars.


These items, along with several others, were then used by the auction bidders to create the Burt Reynolds Museum of Jupiter, FL. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a happy ending for these relics of a fading Hollywood. The museum has since closed and plans to reopen are still unclear. Where these relics are now remains a mystery. Perhaps they are once again in storage unit slumber, waiting for the spotlight to shine on them once more.





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