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Holli Fisher
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Going away for the summer is an exciting time but there’s a lot to think about. Once you’ve made your plans, what are you going to do with all your stuff?

Student Problems

Some places offer a pallet-based storage service. This means all your stuff goes onto a pallet (typically on the small side) and is then kept in a shared warehouse.

At STORExpress, you’ll have your own personal self-storage unit that contains only your items and can only be accessed by you. We have personal lockers for rent as well as a variety of sizes of storage units. Getting a larger unit and sharing it with friends is a great way to keep costs low and store more.


We offer Pick-Up Service for Student Storage. After selecting your unit, simply select a time range for a pick-up of your items by a STORExpress licensed employee.

Our Southside Location is close to many universities including, Duquesne, PITT, and Carnegie Mellon. We are across the Birmingham Bridge at 200 S. 22nd Street, behind the AT&T clock. Come down and see what we can do to make your summer simpler.


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