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Why Students Should Use Self Storage

Elke Peeters
College students smiling
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Congratulations! You have been accepted to the College or University that you worked so hard for. All of those late nights studying and time spent on extra-curricular activities have paid off. While most families dedicate space, time, and resources to the yearly college move-in day, a select few know a secret to make it all much easier. The secret is local student storage. Whether living in a dorm room or renting from off-campus housing, local storage options can make all the difference.


Why Student Storage?

Most college students are so excited to finally have a true space of their own, decorating and purchasing for this new space are taken to new heights. However, the real question lies with where all of the new furniture and dorm supplies will go during the summer months? Well, if you enjoy parking in your garage, the answer lies in local storage. Luckily, if your student is attending the University of Pittsburgh, Duquesne, Carnegie Mellon, or Point Park University, STORExpress offers the best storage for your needs and budget.


What Size Storage Unit is Ideal for Students?

Whether you are looking to store school supplies such as books, clothing, and everyday accessories, or large furniture such as sofas and tables, STORExpress can help you find the right size for your needs. We offer smaller lockers for students who may only have a few items, all the way up to a 10’ x 20’ climate-controlled room to split with friends. Our South Side location is right across the Birmingham Bridge which makes it extremely convenient for students attending colleges in Oakland.


Who Benefits Most from Student Storage? 

The simple answer is everyone! Even if your school is local, the summer months can be spared of having to store all your college-related things in your basement, garage, or attic by keeping it out of the way in our safe storage options. Also, if you are traveling out of state, or even out of the country to attend school, rest assured your things will be safely stored near your school, making for an easier transition from year to year.


How to Save Money Using Self Storage?

It’s no secret that college is expensive. With the costs of food, dorm, and books, any additional costs can weigh down on a family pretty quick. One option can be to share a storage unit with a roommate or friend, allowing you to split the cost of rent. Often times students keep the same roommate from year to year, saving time and money on moving expenses. Also, take advantage of amenities with storing that some people may overlook. For example, STORExpress offers a free moving truck with storage. No need to spare the extra expense of renting a large vehicle for move-in day.


Where Can I Find Affordable Self Storage Units? 

No matter what school you attend, STORExpress has an option for you. We have locations in South SideMcKees RocksRobinson, and even Warren Ohio. The most common areas that we service for students include Mount Washington, Oakland, Downtown Pittsburgh, and Squirrel Hill.


In the end, before moving a student out or into their dorm, take advantage of local storage offers to save time and space in your own home. With several storage locations surrounding the city of Pittsburgh, STORExpress offers the convenience of easy, and reliable storage for all your student’s needs.

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