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The Fine Details to Fine Wine Storage

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The Fine Details To Wine Storage 

Although there are numerous factors to take into consideration when storing wine, there are three important ones to take into consideration for those starting their collection.

1. Climate-Control 

Wine must be kept at a consistent and cool temperature to ensure it matures properly without damage. The storage area should be between 50 – 60 degrees Fahrenheit year-round to protect your wine from extreme and fluctuating temperatures. If you are storing a huge collection, consider renting a storage unit to store your large quantity. If you're storing at your home, it’s a good idea to have a separate storage area such as a wine cellar or separate fridge. Avoid your food fridge as the normal settings are typically between 35 - 38 degrees Fahrenheit. 

2. Humidity Control

Corks require moderate humidity to function properly. If the temperature is too cold, the corks will dry out and allow unwanted air to enter the bottle(s). Therefore, the storage space should be approximately 50 and 70 percent humidity to ensure the safety of your wine without compromising labels and boxes with excess moisture. If you live in a location with very hot temperatures, you might experience high levels of humidity depending on the area. It’s always a good idea to get a thermometer that tracks humidity levels as well to ensure you aren’t storing improperly.

3. Light Control

Ultraviolet light can ruin a good wine. So, make sure that as little light as possible reaches your investment. For those with a big collection that will be aging for some time, consider a long-term storage solution to avoid the wine being exposed to frequent lighting. For those looking for at-home storage solutions, keep the lights dimly lit when your accessing your wine collection. You can also replace any bulbs with incandescent bulbs which emit less ultraviolet light than fluorescent ones. For those looking for a free place to store, consider using your garage if it’s climate-controlled. You can eliminate high light usage since it’s a low-traffic area in your household and you can purchase shelving to store your collection. 

If you are in the Pittsburgh area and need wine storage, STORExpress Self Storage can offer all of these amenities and more! Amenities include climate control, electricity, high security, and 24-hour access for the perfect wine storage solution for you!

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