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South Side

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Jeff V.

on yelp Thursday August 24, 2017
Customer Services: A++++ Cleanliness: 10 out of 10 Staff Friendliness: 10 out of 10 Amber was amazing!! She went out of her way to get our business. Amber also gave us a discount the first two months to help out with our cross country move from California. In addition she went out of her way to tell us about the area so that we could make a wise decision concerning housing. As far as the facility it is secure, clean and very accessible. There are plenty of storage bins and carts for public use as well as hydraulic lifts to get your items from the garage floor. 24hr access is a plus along with access codes for all doors. The lift elevator is very accessible with a 6ft wide opening and will accommodate three large roll carts. If you are looking for a great storage company definitely check this location out! Signed Happy Customer Jeff V

Samm M.

on yelp Friday October 21, 2016
The staff is friendly, helpful, professional and kind. The customer service goes above and beyond, they really made us feel comfortable and made the process go so smoothly. They provide a free truck with move in, how great is that? The facility is kept clean and the hours are reasonable. There are items to help with your move for sale in the office. I would recommend this facility to anyone I knew was in need of storage. They also have band spaces, how cool! Did I say how awesome the staff is?

Marie F.

on yelp Saturday August 27, 2016
I really felt a warm welcome. I was explained everything in detail and the whole process did not take a long time for me to start moving in.

Sinem B.

on yelp Thursday May 14, 2015
What makes this company a five star, a very kind and a responsible lady named Amber; who personally took care of our freshman daughter and transported her to and from to storage unit with STORExpress's Truck!!! She was incredibly kind, caring, understanding, and very professional. When we initially hired this service, we thought that, the service comes with movers, however when the driver arrived the dorm, he told our daughter to bring her belongings to the truck. We immediately called the STORExpress and Amber answer the phone, after hearing our concern, she contacted the driver. Although, they were not able to help with moving the boxes due to the their liability insurance, Amber personally helped our daughter to store her things in the storage unit and she also gave her a ride both ways. She even called us on the phone to notify us that she was settled in the storage unit safely. Overall, we had a very positive experience ALL thanks to Amber.

Darren W.

on yelp Sunday June 06, 2010
This is an excellent facility for that time in your life when you accumulate too much...stuff and need more room for that stuff. I'm channeling George Carlin now. Yeah, I reluctantly went down with my sister and got a storage unit for the two of us a few years ago. She has too much stuff too. My reluctance subsided a bit when I got here since the staff was so helpful and nice. It actually became an adventure of sorts. It's like a big maze. lol. Or a fun version of Arkham Asylum or The Vault. The day we first started putting our stuff away, I got flustered after stubbing my thumb on something, and banged one of the other storage units with my fist. I heard laughter. Someone must have had some sort of toy in there. It was cackling away like the Joker. My sister and her friend, who was helping us, got a kick out of that. lol. "Ha! Someone's toys are laughin' at you!" Pointin' and chucklin' at me they were. Grrrrr.... Yeah, I had to put a bunch of my comics here. But I'm not worried about them because they're secure.  This place is tight. You need security codes just to get in, and there are cameras everywhere. No one's stealing yer stuff. Nor is it going to get leaked on or damaged in any way. They're also open 24/7, which is very convenient. My sister's afraid to go at night though. :D  She watches too many movies. They even have climate controlled units, band rehearsal rooms, and will lend you a gassed up truck for free when you move in. This used to be the old Duquesne Brewery if you can believe it. My how South Side has changed. Speaking of South Side, it's a great location for me since it's pretty close to home. Plus, as the redheaded girl who initially rented the unit to us sez, "Yinz can stack," thereby maximizing space. So don't go out and buy a bigger house for your stuff just yet. WARNING: Make sure you pay your bill every month. I have automatic payments set up, and twice this year, I switched cards because of my bank and forgot to tell them. Nonetheless, I got notices in the mail  since the old cards didn't go through.  They will tack on late fees and even auction off your stuff if you don't pay. Luckily it didn't get that far. Whew!