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RV Storage & Parking in Pittsburgh

Owning an RV has many benefits! From traveling to your favorite places on the weekends to being able to go anywhere you desire in a convenient and cost-effective way. Along with the benefits of having an RV, come the questions for many owners, where am I going to store it? What are the costs of RV storage? RV parking can be a challenge for those who have neighborhood ordinances or don’t have a large enough area to store their RV. However, we believe this shouldn’t keep you from living the lifestyle you have always wanted!

indoor RV and boat storage

The RV parking spaces at our self-storage facilities in Pittsburgh can accommodate storage for RVs, campers, and travel trailers that will not fit into a garage or have room to be kept in the driveway at a home. Our locations are conveniently located close to the interstate allowing easy access to get the RV out on the highway from the storage facility. All ten STORExpress locations offer outdoor RV storage. Indoor RV storage is offered at our Turtle Creek location and Mt. Pleasant location - coming soon! Aside from RV’s, the following vehicles can also be accommodated:

  • Campers
  • Trailers
  • Boats
  • All-Terrain Vehicles
  • Motorcycles

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Benefits of RV Storage

Needing More Space

If there is not enough room to have your RV parked at home, then storing an RV, trailer or camper at a self-storage facility is a perfect storage solution. RVs can range immensely in size, but if you don’t have the proper space for storing the RV it could end up taking up the majority of your outside space. STORExpress offers month-to-month storage options for both short-term and long-term RV storage.

Safety & Security

Safety and security are two key components when choosing a self-storage facility. STORExpress facilities have wide well-lit aisles to make it easy to maneuver your vehicle into their designated parking spaces. Our facilities have 24/7 video surveillance cameras, electronic gate access and on-site managers to give you additional peace of mind that your RV is safe while in storage.


With many of our facilities located off of major highways, renting a storage space for your RV might be a much easier option for travel. If you live closer to the city and enjoy camping on the weekends, choosing a facility on the way to your favorite spots can save a lot of time and hassle. You can also avoid neighborhood HOA fees and restrictions for parking your RV at your household.

Which RV storage solution is best for me?

Indoor RV Storage

Our indoor storage facilities have plenty of space for customers to pull their RV’s in and out of. These large garage-like spaces will satisfy your needs for covered protection and high security. With 10 x 25 square foot spaces available, indoor RV storage offers a much larger space than traditional storage.

Outdoor RV Storage

Outdoor Storage is a popular and affordable RV storage solution at our locations. Access to your RV is just as simple as our Indoor RV Solutions as you unlimited and easy access to your motorhome! Due to our video surveillance and keycode access, outdoor vehicle storage is also a very secure RV storage option. If you are going to store your RV outdoors, make sure to look into RV covers to stay protected from outside elements!

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RV Camper Trailer Boat and Vehicle Indoor Self Storage

RV Storage Solutions

In order to rent an RV storage parking space, STORExpress requires the customer to have a valid driver’s license, present proof of current registration and insurance of the recreational vehicle, trailer, or camper being stored. The space must be reserved by the same person that is listed as the owner of the privately-owned vehicle. However, if the vehicle is commercially owned, a representative of the company can store the vehicle.

The vehicle that is being stored should also be in good running condition. It is also recommended that the customer bring the vehicle to the storage location prior to completing the rental agreement to ensure that the vehicle will actually fit in the spot. Our storage professionals can answer any questions about indoor and outdoor vehicle storage at our storage facilities.

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