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Vehicle Storage & Car Parking 

Look no further for convenient indoor and outdoor vehicle storage! There are many reasons you may be needing automobile storage. It is perfect for those who don’t have a garage or enough space on their property for multiple vehicles. Some store their classic antique cars for memorabilia. Students might need to store their cars when they are going away for college. You may also use vehicle storage for your motorcycle, RV, boat, or ATV during those cold winter months.

Indoor Vehicle Storage for Antique Car Storage and Collectable Car Storage in Turtle Creek, PA and McKees Rocks, PA   STOREXPRESS Self Storage

Types of Vehicle Storage

Indoor Vehicle Storage 

Whether it’s for the long or short-term, indoor vehicle storage is a smart and affordable way to protect vehicles such as a car or small boat from the elements. STORExpress offers climate-controlled indoor car storage units at three facilities near you:

Indoor Vehicle Storage Features: 

  • 24/7 Keypad Access
  • Month to Month Contracts
  • 24/7 Video recording
  • Door Protectors
  • Trickle Chargers
  • Individual Space – Swap Out Cars!
  • Unlimited Access to Your Car – No Need to Call Ahead!
  • Free Wi-Fi

Vehicle Storage & Car Parking STORExpress

Outdoor Vehicle Storage 

Whether you need to free up some space in your garage or get your vehicle off the street due to zoning restrictions, count on outdoor vehicle storage from STORExpress for all your car, boat, or RV storing needs. STORExpress offers affordable outdoor vehicle storage at all of our locations.

Outdoor Vehicle Storage Features:

  • 24/7 Video Recording
  • Keypad Access with Your Own Private Code
  • 24/7 Access to Your Car
  • Month to Month Contracts
  • Gated Lot

Motorcycle & ATV Storage  

At STORExpress we know that protecting your small vehicles like motorcycles and ATVs is especially important during the cold fall and winter months, and our small vehicle storage solutions can provide you with everything you need and nothing that you don’t.

If you are looking for some extra room in your garage during the off-season or looking for a heated space for your bike, our motorcycle and ATV storage will give you just the space you were looking for at home. Take back your garage and store your small vehicle with STORExpress!

Motorcycle and ATV Storage Features

  • Indoor space to protect your small vehicle(s) from the elements
  • Security features including 24-hour video surveillance & electronic-gated access
  • Climate controlled options
  • Convenient storage locations in the Pittsburgh area
  • More space in your garage!

Which storage solution is best for my vehicle?

Car Storage Solutions

Traditional Indoor Storage

Like a garage, traditional 10 x 20 storage units can fit most vehicles including sedans, small trucks, and SUV’s. Customers are able to quickly access their vehicles by driving up to the unit and pulling the vehicle in and out of their personal storage unit. Traditional units are not climate controlled, so this solution is best for temporary car storage. 

Indoor Storage Facility

STORExpress is the only Self Storage facility to offer multiple locations in the Pittsburgh, PA area and in Warren, OH with designated indoor vehicle storage. Nearly all size vehicles are able to fit as we offer indoor parking spots that range from 32 sq. ft. to 250 sq. ft. Our indoor car storage facilities are the ideal spot for antique cars and collectibles! If you are storing long term and amenities such as climate control or trickle charging, this option will fit all of your needs. 

Outdoor Storage

If you don’t need covered vehicle protection, outdoor parking spaces are a cost-effective storage solution! 

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RV Storage Solutions

Indoor Storage Facility

Due to the large size of these vehicles, motorhomes can’t fit inside traditional self-storage units and will need to be parked indoors if you prefer covered storage options. 

Outdoor Storage

If you don’t need protection from outside elements, outdoor RV storage is still a great solution for secure vehicle storage for any duration of time!

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Boat Storage Solutions

Outdoor Storage

Storing your boat outdoors is a practical solution during the winter! Outdoor Boat Storage is convenient for those with boat covers who are wanting easy access when needed.

Indoor Boat Storage

For those wanting more protection, indoor storage will provide shelter for your boat from all outdoor elements including sun, rain, hail, and snow.


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Motorcycle & ATV Storage Solutions

Traditional Indoor Storage

5 x 10 or 5 x 15 self-storage units are readily available for those with smaller vehicles. These types of vehicles are very budget-friendly to store!

Indoor Storage Facility

This is ideal for those needing other amenities such as trickle charge, climate control, or wifi. You can also enjoy the extra level of protection inside of the designated storage facility.


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