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Climate-controlled Self-Storage

Not sure what type of storage unit you need? Our experts will tell you which type of storage is right for you! When choosing a self-storage facility, there are many factors that need to be decided before signing a rental lease. First off, let's explain what climate-controlled self-storage is and why you might need it.

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What is Climate-controlled Storage?

Climate-controlled storage units are temperature-controlled to stay within 50 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit (10 - 27 degrees Celsius). If storage units aren’t climate controlled, the temperature may fall below or rise above this range depending on the time of year. Climate-controlled self-storage units are located inside the facility to protect your valuable items and temperature-sensitive materials i.e., wood, clothing, mattresses, books, paper, wine, instruments, wine, paint, antiques, and collectibles. Our climate-controlled units are integrated with state of the art technology that allows for remote monitoring 24/7 to ensure temperature compliance with our STORExpress standards.

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Do I need a Climate-controlled Self-Storage Unit? 

Most of your valuables that are sensitive to weather change and humidity will need to be stored in a climate-controlled unit. If not, these belongings can be susceptible to damages such as mildew, color fading, expansion/warping, or dry rot. Below is a list of items you would want to consider storing in a climate-controlled storage unit.


Extreme heat and cold temperatures can cause items like a TV, computer, or stereo to stop working overtime.


Whether it’s a couch, chair, table, mattress, etc., these upholstered materials are prone to fading and collecting moisture if they aren’t stored in a climate-controlled space.


For those storing books, high heat and low humidity in a storage unit will cause the fibers in the book to dehydrate. This will damage the pages and make them brittle!

Artwork & Collectibles

These precious items should always be stored in climate-controlled areas to remain in their original condition.


Wine should always be stored in a cool area between 50 - 60 degrees Fahrenheit (10 -16 degrees Celsius). Traditional units won’t provide the proper insulation and temperature consistency for your wine to mature properly in storage.

Musical Instruments

Extreme temperatures can warp the wood and strings which will affect the sound of your instrument.

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Benefits of Climate-controlled Storage

Protection From Extreme Temperatures

Seasonal weather changes occur in most climates no matter where you are residing. If seasonal temperatures don’t fluctuate, chances are the humidity levels from rain do.

Damage to Your Belongings

Taking the chance to store these items in a non-climate controlled space can be an expensive risk. Corrosion and other damage that occurs can be expensive and stressful to fix or replace. Taking the extra precaution to rent a climate-controlled space will give you peace of mind when storing your items.

Comfort When Visiting Your Storage Unit

This is especially true for those that experience freezing winters and hot summers. Accessing your temperature-controlled storage unit will save you discomfort during the packing and moving process. Indoor climate-controlled storage also gives your belongings better security as you have to enter the building to access the unit.

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Preparing Items for Storage


When you’re boxing up items and getting ready to store them, group your belongings based on what you will use the most often. Label your boxes on all sides so you can easily see where your possessions are located once they are packed. If you can, avoid taping boxes you will want to frequently access so you can get inside of them quickly and hassle-free. Using moving boxes with handles are very convenient for the packing process and will help keep your items dry (so you can lift off the ground) and secure in your unit.

Shelving (Optional)

Bring shelving into your storage unit so that your moving boxes are neatly stacked on top of each other. This will make it easy to visually see all of your possessions when you need to open them. Find shelves that don't need installation of any kind. Simply buy or use shelving you already have that is portable and sturdy. Put your largest items on the bottom and store lighter ones on top to avoid them from falling or getting damaged. This will be especially useful for those storing 6 months or longer. At STORExpress, we offer storage units with built-in shelving, so be sure to ask about our availability!

Organizing Your Climate-Controlled Unit

Create a layout that will make the most sense for your unit. If you’re stuck on which size unit to rent, check out our storage guide to ensure you don’t end up with too much or too little space. If you are storing large pieces of furniture such as your bed, couch, desk, chairs, etc., make sure to put those items in the back of the unit. Pack objects like your clothes, shoes, utensils, or other everyday items on the sides of the unit along the walls. Wardrobe boxes are a must for those who are switching out clothing to keep these articles wrinkle-free. If you aren’t using shelving, avoid stacking boxes that will be accessed the most so that you don’t have to continuously move the stack when you need to retrieve an item. Make sure to keep a clear walkway in the center of the unit so you can walk inside without having to tumble over boxes. If you are planning on storing long-term, it might be useful to create a quick sketch or outline to remind you where you placed your belongings and what containers they are in.

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